YIELD piece in progress.

I’ve been working on my piece for YIELD for the last 9 months but really only in a focussed way the last couple of weeks since classes finished. Stripes show the different garments embedded in the one pattern. Although i gotta say they look pretty cool. I’ll be testing it next week or so and then passing it on to Genevieve Packer to develop the textile design work (and then back to me for tweaks – then back to her again until we get it right). It makes (at least thats the plan at the moment) a pair of skinny pants, a cropped tailored jacket, and a double layered tunic dress/top… but you never can tell for sure with this process. It’ll be digitally printed on linen that has good body but drapes really well – beautiful.

Tomorrow I’m going set up my temporary studio for the next 2.5 months over the summer where ill be generating work for Arti Sandhu’s exhibition in Chicago, another in Ohio, patterns for Sandra Ericson of the Centre for Pattern Design and of course YIELD. It’s going to be a sewing, cutting, pinning, summer madhouse!

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