Progress for No Waste / Less Waste Exhibition at Chicago

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The pants, dress and top are all from a single zero-waste pattern. I call the design approach “Embedded” zero-waste pattern design. I had intended the pattern to construct a single outfit but I think it might be a little ‘intense’… see the slide with the single mannequin and tell me what you think. The dress and top can be worn a couple of different ways – there are pulleys and ties that can be altered – and that hold everything in the right place – similar to Madeleine Vionnets approach at times. Bigger version of the pattern shown below – as you can probably tell it is a shorter/simpler (?) version of the YIELD piece I’m working on. I still have a menswear outfit to toile (again) and make the finished garments for. I’m really happy with how it is going however!

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