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Holly McQuillan’s work in the field of zero waste fashion design articulates sustainable fashion systems and practices. She focuses on issues such as transition design, the impact of technology and how these can challenge established design, production and use practices. Holly co-authored Zero Waste Fashion Design with Timo Rissanen and together they co-curated Yield: Making fashion without making waste, the first contemporary exhibition focussing on zero waste fashion, and developed the award-winning open-source zero waste resource Make/Use. Holly is a co-founder of Zero Waste Design Online Collective, which seeks to make zero waste education, knowledge and resources available to all. In 2020 she co-founded Critical Textile Topologies, a design research collective exploring new design expressions, processes and methods for critical understandings of textile-forms through the questioning of what materials, textiles, and form are. Her work always seeks to broaden the impact of zero waste and sustainable fashion design through research, publication, workshops and lectures. Holly holds a PhD from the University of Boras which explored zero waste systems thinking through the innovative design and production of textile-forms. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Multimorphic Textile Systems as part of the Materialising Futures section at TU Delft, Netherlands.

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  1. My head is spinning…. how on earth can you come up with those patterns?? Amazing! I’ve been doing pattern drafting for the past 3 years and i always go thro hoops to try not to waste too much fabric when i cut. I’m really interested in doing zero-waste cos where i live, i just heard on the radio yesterday that on average, each resident produce 1 ton of trash every year! 1 ton!! I want to do more sustainable fashion, can you give me a few pointers where/how i can start? Just to start kick-start my research?

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