Holly McQuillan is a designer, writer and facilitator who works primarily in the field of sustainable design practice, researching the possibilities of form making for the body through a lens of zero waste, ethical design practice. Co-author of Zero Waste Fashion Design (2016), with 15 years experience teaching at undergraduate, masters and to industry and public, she is currently a PhD student at the Swedish School of Textiles.

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  1. My head is spinning…. how on earth can you come up with those patterns?? Amazing! I’ve been doing pattern drafting for the past 3 years and i always go thro hoops to try not to waste too much fabric when i cut. I’m really interested in doing zero-waste cos where i live, i just heard on the radio yesterday that on average, each resident produce 1 ton of trash every year! 1 ton!! I want to do more sustainable fashion, can you give me a few pointers where/how i can start? Just to start kick-start my research?

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