Ongoing work with The Cutting Circle crew

Working with leading international clothing company (top secret!) developing their inaugural Zero Waste range.

Collaborating with UK based Illustrator and designer Carol Ryder on a “100%?” sustainable fashion line.

Working on an industrial scale up-cycling fashion prototyping project with Jennifer Whitty and students

Working in fabulous teams to develop Fab8NZ, Fab Lab WGNT and Open Lab

Developing a zero-waste sizing system which retains the design flexibility of my Precarious Cut process

Pushing the possibilities of Kindest Cut, particularly with wool felt as part of a Campaign for Wool project.

Putting together a ‘how-to’ guide for this process for others to try out and making my patterns downloadable with instructions.

And of course trying to work out what i’m going to do for my PhD when i get around to it…

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