designer and researcher

About ZWPC

What is ZWPC?

Zero Waste Pattern Cutting (ZWPC) is fashion design practice that embraces uncertainty as a way of responding sensitively to both materials and the instability of the environment. It is a step away from egocentric, hierarchical design models that prevail and a step toward a new model for garment design and production. It aims to eliminate the production of waste from the production of clothing, while importantly revealing exciting new detail, line and form.

Who am I?

I am Holly McQuillan, Zero Waste Pattern Designer, Educator and Researcher. I studied fashion design at Massey University College of Creative Arts in Wellington New Zealand and I began designing Zero Waste garments in 2004, I have been doing it ever since. I’ve delivered master-classes and lectures in NZ, UK, Taiwan and the US and have further invitations to UK, Europe, Columbia and California. I’ve been commissioned to produce ZW garments for exhibitions in Wellington, Sydney, Chicago, New York, and Seoul. I’ve written numerous papers and book chapters on ZWPC. I was listed by the NY times as one of 8 Zero Waste fashion experts globally. I am currently working with one of the worlds leading fashion producers to design their inaugural ZW fashion collection. I was curator of Yield: Making Fashion Without Making Waste and initiated The Cutting Circle, a global collective of creative pattern cutters including Timo Rissanen and Julian Roberts.

What will you learn?

By participating in one of my ZWPC workshops you will learn some of the methods and approaches that Ive developed or learnt over the last 8 years through my own Zero Waste design practice and investigation.


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